2LSON consists of 18 year old vocalist Hyo Bin, music composers LE and Jason and lyricist Noel. The composers of the group are Berklee College of Music graduates and has already written many songs like that of Kim Bo Kyung's I Go, Mong Shil Sisters' My Love, and songs from dramas Queen of Housewives and Style OST.

Their first single consists of the title track "Hocus Pocus," an R&B song with a cute love story and rhythmic melodies. The other two tracks "I'm In Love" and "Wish For You" showcases Hyo Bin's fair English skills. They make unique and non-mainstream music, as well as has a potentially great vocalist.

Members :

LE [Composer]
Real name: 한지선 (Han Ji Sun)
Born: March 15, 1977
Education: Sung Shin Women’s University, BA in Music Composition

Jason [Composer]
Real name: 이상진 (Lee Sang Jin)
Born: November 7, 1980
Education: Berklee College of Music, BA in Music Composition

Noel [Lyricist]
Full name: 박노엘 (Park Noel)
Real name: 박형우 (Park Hyung Woo)
Born: June 11, 1981 (France)

Hyo Bin [Vocal]
Full name: 이효빈 (Lee Hyo Bin)
Born: September 9, 1993

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