‘Spike’ Dawbarn & Jimmy Constable first met each other whilst working as dancers on cult TV show ‘The Hitman and Her’ in the early 90’s. In 1995 Spike & Jimmy who by then had already built up a strong teen following of their own decided to form a boy band and recruited third member Lee Brennan after he was recommended to them by their Scottish manager Steve Gilmour - 911 was born!

The lads based themselves in Glasgow and it was there that their journey to the top of charts would begin! They embarked on a massive tour of Schools & under 18 clubs in Scotland and the rest of the UK to build up their growing army of teenage followers and were fast becoming crowd favourites on road shows during the Summer of 1995.

In April 1996 after being unable to secure a major record deal Lee, Spike & Jimmy along with their management team ‘Backlash’ decided to form their own record label called ‘Ginga Records’. ‘Night To Remember’ became the bands first independent single release and debuted at Number 38 in the UK charts. Their second single ‘Love Sensation’ which was on the sound track to Casper the movie followed in July ‘96’ and did even better entering at Number 21 and also became the bands only US hit record.

The success of 911’s two independent single releases created such a buzz in the UK pop industry that on 27th September 1996 music giants Virgin Records signed Lee, Spike & Jimmy on a four album deal! 911’s first release under Virgin brought them their first Top Ten Hit with the brilliant ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ which smashed into the charts at Number 10!

911’s first album ‘The Journey’ was a huge success in the UK, Europe & Asia in 1996 and released six singles from the record. The lads sold out 35 theatre dates in a staggering 30 minutes for their first headline tour and had finally made their mark in the world of pop!

The next two albums ‘Movin On’ & ‘There It Is’ followed in quick succession giving the lads more Top 5 hits including ‘More Than A Woman’, ‘All I Want Is You’ & ‘Private Number’. 911 headlined their first arena tour and also the legendary Smash Hits Tour at the end of 1998 which would also see them go through a change of management team. In January 1999 Lee, Spike & Jimmy had one of their biggest selling hits and celebrated their first UK Number One!

September 1999 would see 911 release their 13th and final single ‘Wonderland’ along with their Greatest Hits & ‘A Little Bit More’ album. They also completed their sell out arena tour in October of that year. In January 2000 the lads toured Asia to sell out audiences and became one of the first Western pop acts to perform sell out shows in China since Wham back in the 80’s.

In February 2000 Lee, Spike & Jimmy decided to go their separate ways and announced their split live on the Chris Moyles Show on Radio One.

2013 saw Lee, Jimmy & Spike reunite to appear on ITV2's The Big Reunion.

Song lyric A Little Bit More A LITTLE BIT MORE 911
Song lyric More Than A Woman MORE THAN A WOMAN 911
Song lyric Don't Make Me Wait DON'T MAKE ME WAIT 911
Song lyric The Day We Find Love THE DAY WE FIND LOVE 911
Song lyric Private Number PRIVATE NUMBER 911
Song lyric Love Sensation LOVE SENSATION 911
Song lyric All I Want Is You ALL I WANT IS YOU 911
Song lyric The Journey THE JOURNEY 911
Song lyric Bodyshakin' BODYSHAKIN' 911
Song lyric Wonderland WONDERLAND 911
Song lyric A Night To Remember A NIGHT TO REMEMBER 911
Song lyric One More Try ONE MORE TRY 911
Song lyric Moving On MOVING ON 911
Song lyric Rhythm Of The Night RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT 911
Song lyric Our Last Goodbye OUR LAST GOODBYE 911
Song lyric Can't Stop CAN'T STOP 911
Song lyric Take Good Care TAKE GOOD CARE 911
Song lyric That's The Way THAT'S THE WAY 911
Song lyric Make You My Baby MAKE YOU MY BABY 911
Song lyric New Groove Generation NEW GROOVE GENERATION 911
Song lyric Don't Walk Away DON'T WALK AWAY 911
Song lyric Hold On HOLD ON 911
Song lyric The Swing THE SWING 911
Song lyric Baby Come Back To Me BABY COME BACK TO ME 911
Song lyric Carefree Lover CAREFREE LOVER 911
Song lyric How Do You Want Me To Love You HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO LOVE YOU 911
Song lyric I Do I DO 911
Song lyric In A Magazine IN A MAGAZINE 911
Song lyric Look Through Any Window LOOK THROUGH ANY WINDOW 911
Song lyric Nothing Stops The Rain NOTHING STOPS THE RAIN 911
Song lyric Party People PARTY PEOPLE 911
Song lyric Party People...friday Night PARTY PEOPLE...FRIDAY NIGHT 911
Song lyric Police POLICE 911
Song lyric Should've Been The One SHOULD'VE BEEN THE ONE 911
Song lyric Vision In My Mind VISION IN MY MIND 911