adam barnes

Adam Barnes is an Oxford born songwriter and performer, currently residing in the countryside that surrounds the city. He is a folk artist; a haunting songwriter and an honest performer waiting for some more people to take a step back and listen in.

The 22-year-old singer took his first steps into the lonely world of singer-song writing in 2010, with support slots for both William Fitzsimmons and Slow Club, along with the experience from years of previous musical projects. That, plus time out take a break from the musical hustle and bustle of Oxford, Adam Barnes spent a summer recording a debut E.P entitled ‘Blisters’. The 8 track E.P was released and sold UK based, selling up to a thousand copies within the year.

What was to follow would project him to the heights of mountainous ranges in the Americas, the depths of lakes in the Alps and obscurities of Supermarkets in Wycombe. With an increasing reputation of allowing any space to become a feasible area for a performance, Adam Barnes endeavours to instil his charmingly presented folk songs to as many people as possible.. before being asked to leave.

With the natural ability to capture the emotional sentiment within a song, to twist and perceive lyrics to compliment his melodies, and give you the opportunity to fall in love with well written music, at such a young age still you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this man is telling you stories beyond his years.

Musical Adventures of Adam Barnes