Aero Chord

Alex Vlastaras, also known as Aero Chord, is an electronic music producer hailing from Greece. He is mostly known for his signature high-energy anthemic trap sound, but has also delved into other genres, like dubstep.

He has released his music on Monstercat, High Intensity and other record labels. His tracks are commonly played on festivals by big names in the electronic music scene, like Diplo, Skrillex, DJ Snake etc.

Although still considered a newcomer by some, many consider him to be one of the finest trap producers out there. As he is becoming an increasingly bigger name in the scene and getting support from top-of-the-ladder artists, he may be on a surefire way to international fame.

Song lyric Shadows SHADOWS Aero Chord
Song lyric Shootin Stars SHOOTIN STARS Aero Chord
Song lyric Take Me Home TAKE ME HOME Aero Chord