There are several artists named Aether.

1) Aether aka Diego Chavez
Aether is the alias of Diego Chavez, a graphic designer and music producer based out of San Antonio, TX. Chavez also records under the monikers; Otic Angst and A.M. Architect in addition to producing tracks for the conscious based hip hop group Lotus Tribe and rock band The Panic Division. And yes you are right...he doesn't sleep.

As a child, Diego spent the scorching Texas summer days at his father’s art studio conversing with painters, surfing the internet, and daydreaming. While in high school, Chavez began skipping school to host jam sessions in his garage with his friends. Then came along Wu-Tang and Fruityloops and Chavez began making beats for his friends to freestyle to. It wasn't long before Chavez's sound began to mature and find a life of its own.

Chavez is a diverse producer capable of making rock, downtempo, hip hop, electro and experimental music but there is definitely a signature sound that carries throughout. Most of Chavez's music is structured around the gritty boom bap sound of East Coast hip hop but there is also a dreamy and romantic soulfulness that inhabits each song. "Artifacts", Chavez's first full length solo album, is no different. Each song on the album is lovingly sculpted and an expression of beauty, love, tragedy, hope and everything else that makes us human.

Chavez is quickly making a name for himself, having already released a handful of tracks on Exponential compilations as well as remixing and producing for various artists. His remix of Lykke Li's, "Little Bit" has already garnered much love from critics and listeners alike. It's no wonder that Chavez is considered to be one of the new producers to look out for.

2) Aether is a doom/death metal band formed on december 2007. Members are Martin Lo Russo as vocalist, Diego S. Rodriguez playing guitars and background vocals, Laura Silva as keyboardist and Christian Trubbo as bassist. Aether's first EP, titled "When my soul breaks", includes 3 songs that were recorded and masterized by "Leonardo M. Fuster Producciones" with the aid of Leonardo M. Fuster itself on additional guitars and vocals and Martin Fuster on drums. For fans of My Dying Bride, Saturnus, Shape of Despair etc

Discography: When My Soul Breaks(2009)

3) Aether is a black metal / ambient project from Munich, Germany.

4) Aether is a melodic death metal band from Poland

5) Aether (Real name: Jayon Taylor) is a visually impaired music producer/composer hailing from Scotland.
Genres: Ambient, Electronic.

Song lyric Normalcy NORMALCY Aether
Song lyric Save Me from You SAVE ME FROM YOU Aether