This band was started as a solo project in 2006 by Fatwerks, as time went by this project evolved and became a band called AFTERCOMA. In 2008 this band released their first EP called "Breath", with 6 tracks that will blow your head off. This band proved to be one of the most anticipated band in their hometown bandung Indonesia, their mind blowing live performances has attracted a lot of people to come and see more of their performances.

Their music is a combination of heavy metal, hardcore, progressive, experimental sounds, provocative and motivational lyrics.
And attractive performances has made the band event more interesting.

this page is dedicated to everybody who loves our music, supports our fights and come to our shows

thank you

Song lyric Berontak BERONTAK Aftercoma
Song lyric Jelaga JELAGA Aftercoma
Song lyric Raga Terbakar (feat. Ipang) RAGA TERBAKAR (FEAT. IPANG) Aftercoma