Aizat Amdan was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Amdan Mat Din and Fina Zaman, on 21 January 1989. He is the fifth child in a family of six.

Aizat began his music career when he entered into the reality programme 'Akademi Fantasia' (Season 5). He was eliminated on the seventh week. A number of notable performances for songs such as 'Perpisahan' and 'Ada' displayed his talent and potential in the music industry.

His first single 'Hanya Kau Mampu' was released in 2007. Th title song received significant airplay and critical response, further advancing his singing career. His debut album 'Percubaan Pertama' was released in June 2008 featuring 8 songs. The album featured songs which Aizat composed himself, with the help of his brothers Amar and Anas.

The highlight of Aizat's career so far is when his single 'Lagu Kita' made it to the Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-23 final. The single was entirely composed and written by Aizat.

Song lyric Lagu Kita LAGU KITA Aizat