Ali Sorena

Ali Sorena A.K.A "Sorena" was born on 1990.
In 2008 he started his work in Persian underground music professionally.
His music has an "anger" and "hateful sadness" vibe which is based on his personal life.
He also mentions some other subjects like Discrimination and Poverty in his poems.
"Marde Tanha" (Alone Man) is his first album released in 2012.
In 2014 he released his second album via Divar Records called "Aavaar"
since his first official release, he has gained a massive cult following fan-base stretching across all cities of Iran, making him one of the few Persian rappers who has his peers respect as well as basic hiphop fans.

Song lyric Bad Az Man For Mehdi Samya BAD AZ MAN FOR MEHDI SAMYA Ali Sorena
Song lyric Beshnas BESHNAS Ali Sorena
Song lyric Gharibe Nisti GHARIBE NISTI Ali Sorena
Song lyric Hala Vaghte Khab Nist HALA VAGHTE KHAB NIST Ali Sorena
Song lyric Shorou SHOROU Ali Sorena
Song lyric Taghsir TAGHSIR Ali Sorena