amir jahari

Amir Jahari
{ singer/songwriter }

Enthusiasm is contagious and that's why songwriters with a genuine, obvious passion for their craft can't help but attract an audience.

In just six short months, Amir Jahari has developed a following without approaching the traditional mill of promotions to get his song heard.

Promoted wholly on Twitter, his first single Tanpamu struck a chord with Twitterjaya, the Malaysian Twitter community and demands led him to be featured on almost every chart show on radio with high rotation of his debut guaranteed.

His creative songwriting and warm stage presence has established him as a formidable newcomer, and the smoky swagger of his voice has opened a whole new following.

A student of the National Academy of Arts Culture And Heritage, Amir continues to technically develop his songwriting skills, toning down guitar pyrotechnics in favor of memorable melodies and distinctive rhythmic textures.

With his brand of earnest songs and stamp of accessible folk rock sound with a heady mix of jazz and blues dominated by striking acoustic guitar playing, Amir has been playing some of the biggest club and mainstream concerts in Malaysia.

Signed to the Kasi Gegar label, founded by another top Malaysian act, Aizat Amdan, Amir has since performed with Indonesians Sheila On 7 and some of the biggest acts in the Malaysian music scene.