Established in 1997, their 1st album in 1998 shocked the Malaysian music industry. Amuk was the first rock `Band Without Faces` who puts on masks. Going back to the early beginnings of Amuk, the masked image was seen as negative. There were some who said it was a stupid idea, some said it was hilarious and some said it was simply out of place. But the aggressive promotion applied to the ‘Band Without Faces’ by it’s label proved to be successful as Amuk has made its mark in the Malaysian music industry to both fans and music critics. And after being in the industry for 5 years and producing 7 albums (including the new album ‘Interpretasi’), Amuk has become a metal icon with a unique identity that reaches out to everyone.

“Amuk does not place any importance in imaging. Our music, songs and messages are more important. This will always be Amuk’s attitude..” , said Bandi of Amuk.

Although the music industry categorized Amuk as an aggressive band, but their songs and lyrics are injected with Malay elements and traditional sounds with positive lyrics. Amuk creates their identity by capitalizing on Malaysian traditional music as Amuk`s base.

It has been a long journey for Amuk and slowly they gathered their fans. From day to day the moon and stars became witness to the numbers of followers that Amuk has amounting to those that even try to imitate Amuk’s image

Song lyric Matahari MATAHARI Amuk
Song lyric Akar Dan Bumi AKAR DAN BUMI Amuk
Song lyric Jernih JERNIH Amuk
Song lyric Seakan Menguji SEAKAN MENGUJI Amuk
Song lyric Hakikat HAKIKAT Amuk
Song lyric Dalam Semak DALAM SEMAK Amuk
Song lyric Ranap RANAP Amuk
Song lyric Biar Mandi Basah BIAR MANDI BASAH Amuk
Song lyric Putra Bonda PUTRA BONDA Amuk
Song lyric 7 Pelangi 7 PELANGI Amuk
Song lyric Aduh Tsumawi ADUH TSUMAWI Amuk
Song lyric Aku Mahu Pulang AKU MAHU PULANG Amuk
Song lyric Aku Mau Pulang AKU MAU PULANG Amuk
Song lyric Alasan ALASAN Amuk
Song lyric Asam Garam ASAM GARAM Amuk
Song lyric Damai DAMAI Amuk
Song lyric Dendam DENDAM Amuk
Song lyric Dikir Timur DIKIR TIMUR Amuk
Song lyric Lihat Layang Layang LIHAT LAYANG LAYANG Amuk
Song lyric Mudah lupa MUDAH LUPA Amuk
Song lyric Satu Tak Lekat SATU TAK LEKAT Amuk
Song lyric Untukmu Sayang UNTUKMU SAYANG Amuk