Angkasa is a rock band from Cianjur, Indonesia formed on November 23, 2004. The band consists of Ato (vocal), Anggi (drum), Teguh (guitar), Opick (bass), and Denny (keyboard). Their debut album, Jangan Pernah Selingkuh (Don't Ever Cheat), which talks about love experiences was released in 2008.

Before joining the Warner Music Indonesia, Angkasa had released indie album. In fact, their pirated indie album had reached Sumatera, Kalimantan, and Bali. In 2004, the band won Festival Band SLTA and a third place in Musikalisasi Puisi Se-Jawa Barat (Poet Musicality for West Java). Two years later, in 2006, they won a first place in Pentas Merdeka (Independence Stage), and third in Lomba Cipta Lagu Se-Jabar (Song Composing Contest for Jabar) in 2007.

Ato, the vocalist was a final three finalist for Dreamband for vocalist category. However, Ato decided to stay with Angkasa.

Song lyric Jangan Pernah Selingkuh JANGAN PERNAH SELINGKUH Angkasa
Song lyric Jangan Ada Dusta Diantara Kita JANGAN ADA DUSTA DIANTARA KITA Angkasa
Song lyric Setia Itu Menyakitkan SETIA ITU MENYAKITKAN Angkasa
Song lyric Cemburu Buta CEMBURU BUTA Angkasa
Song lyric Putuskan Aku PUTUSKAN AKU Angkasa
Song lyric Akulah Yang Bisa AKULAH YANG BISA Angkasa
Song lyric Luka LUKA Angkasa
Song lyric Asya ASYA Angkasa
Song lyric Cinta Berat CINTA BERAT Angkasa
Song lyric Yang Lalu Biarlah Berlalu YANG LALU BIARLAH BERLALU Angkasa
Song lyric Jangan Begitu Sayang JANGAN BEGITU SAYANG Angkasa
Song lyric Teman TEMAN Angkasa
Song lyric Biarlah Bulan Bicara BIARLAH BULAN BICARA Angkasa
Song lyric Cinta Dan Sakit Ini CINTA DAN SAKIT INI Angkasa
Song lyric Datang Dan Hilang (Seperti Hantu) DATANG DAN HILANG (SEPERTI HANTU) Angkasa
Song lyric Jangan Pernah Selingkuh [bridge] JANGAN PERNAH SELINGKUH [BRIDGE] angkasa
Song lyric Sampai Kapanpun SAMPAI KAPANPUN Angkasa
Song lyric T.I.A.S (Tolong Ijinkan Aku Sayangimu) T.I.A.S (TOLONG IJINKAN AKU SAYANGIMU) angkasa
Song lyric TIAS TIAS Angkasa