Antonia is one of the sizzling hot artists on the Romanian dance scene. Both ingenuous and sensual, she has taken both fans and critics by surprise with her powerful voice, crazy rhythms and incredible beauty.

Antonia, the Romanian singer that took the music scene by surprise, spent her adolescence in the USA. The fact that she grew up in Las Vegas and Utah, among black people whose life gravitates around R'n'B and soul, has had a very strong influence on her musical style, her attitude and the very passionate way in which she feels and transmits the rhythm.

Her collaboration with Tom Boxer resulted in the smash hits „Roses on fire” and „Morena”, both very well received by both public and critics. Their next single, "Shake it Mamma", become a fast hit and is now in heavy rotation on all important radio stations in Europe and beyond. The international success of this track suggested the filming of a video. Thus, at the beginning of 2011 Roton launched the material in which the hypnotic eyed singer is surrounded by contemporary geisha, both exciting and sexy.

Antonia, the artist that emanates charm and a mixture of sensuality and ingenuity, is getting ready to take over the music scene in 2011. "Hit'em up girl!!"

Song lyric Amya AMYA Antonia
Song lyric Dor De Tine DOR DE TINE Antonia
Song lyric Dream About My Face DREAM ABOUT MY FACE Antonia
Song lyric Gresesc GRESESC Antonia
Song lyric Hotel Lounge HOTEL LOUNGE Antonia
Song lyric Hurricane HURRICANE Antonia
Song lyric Ich Bin Viel Sch�ner ICH BIN VIEL SCH�NER Antonia
Song lyric Iubirea Mea IUBIREA MEA Antonia
Song lyric Lie I Tell Myself LIE I TELL MYSELF Antonia
Song lyric Marabou MARABOU Antonia
Song lyric Marionette MARIONETTE Antonia
Song lyric Mátame MÁTAME Antonia
Song lyric Shake It Mamma (Radio Edit) SHAKE IT MAMMA (RADIO EDIT) Antonia
Song lyric Taifun TAIFUN Antonia
Song lyric Touch Me TOUCH ME Antonia
Song lyric În Oglindă ÎN OGLINDĂ Antonia