Apache is a name used by more than one artist:

1) Building his New Jersey street credibility in the late '80s by fronting the hip-hop group the Flavor Unit, Apache eventually broke solo to show off his own microphone skills and won the recognition of Tommy Boy Records in the process. After the release of his self-titled debut in 1991, Apache scored the underground hit "Gangsta Bitch" without the use of radio or video airplay in 1993. Upon his minor success, Apache followed through with "...Ain't Shit" that same year.

2) A trashy, flamboyant power pop tinged glam rock band from San Francisco (by way of El Paso, Texas). Douchemaster records released their first single "Boys' Life" b/w "Crystal Clear" and their debut LP "Boomtown Gems" was released by Birdman records. 2010 saw line up changes and the release of "Radical Sabbatical" on Burger records

3) Apache is a band with Stefan Sundström.

4) A Venezuelan MC from Cuarto Poder.

5) Apache is a hardcore punk/youth crew band from Petrazavodsk, Russia.

Song lyric A Fight A FIGHT Apache
Song lyric Cantando Voy CANTANDO VOY Apache
Song lyric En Defensa Propia EN DEFENSA PROPIA Apache
Song lyric Gangsta Bitch GANGSTA BITCH Apache
Song lyric Get Ya Weight Up GET YA WEIGHT UP Apache
Song lyric High grade HIGH GRADE Apache
Song lyric Pasame La Yesca PASAME LA YESCA Apache
Song lyric Rompiendo el Hielo ROMPIENDO EL HIELO Apache
Song lyric Tonto TONTO Apache
Song lyric Woodchuck WOODCHUCK Apache