Aquilo is an English duet conformed by Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher and based in Silverdale, Lancashire. Tom and Ben were originally the frontmen in rival bands in their hometown. Higham was jumping around on stage making heavy metal while Fletcher was thrashing out melodic grunge rock.

Higham then started producing tracks solo – just him and his guitar. Fletcher, too, started putting his solo songs on SoundCloud. Tom and Ben are neighbours. So, after stumbling across Fletcher's music online Higham suddenly thought he could start making music with "that lad across the road".

Song lyric Almost Over ALMOST OVER Aquilo
Song lyric Calling Me CALLING ME Aquilo
Song lyric Good Girl GOOD GIRL Aquilo
Song lyric I Gave It All I GAVE IT ALL Aquilo
Song lyric Losing You LOSING YOU Aquilo
Song lyric Moving On MOVING ON Aquilo
Song lyric Never Seen You Get So Low NEVER SEEN YOU GET SO LOW Aquilo
Song lyric Sorry SORRY Aquilo
Song lyric Thin THIN Aquilo
Song lyric You There YOU THERE Aquilo