armada racun

On Jogjakarta, Indonesia in the end of 2006, 3 musicians, in order to avoid being drenched, sheltered on the side of a road and waited for the rain to subside.

Bored senseless, and sick of rereading the saturated dated newspaper, they started to share musical aspirations. Finding that they were all looking for something musically innovative they decided to try to create a band alternate to the ones that they had played with before.

Henceworth was born Armada Racun, a group consisting of 2 bass and one keyboardist. The possibility of a drummer had not yet come to mind and they experimented with an automatic loop emanating from a bass effect.

In the beginning there was Nadya ..board, Vred on bass and vocal and Dani Bastard on the rhythm bass just messing around, trying to find the sound they were looking for.

Feeling something was lacking they decided to seek a real life drummer in order to fill in any musical gaps. Initially they experimented with bass effects, keyboard scales combined with a heavy and unique drum sound, similar to early raw punk. Progressing from this they incorporated the repetitive and monotonous mood of the New Wave era and late punk movement, further coloring their songs with more modern European rock influences.

The lyrics of Armada Racun are somewhat of an unpretentious diary, fieldnotes from daily humdrum, anger, protest, love, disappointment and issues facing any young person living in the developing world hahaha. Whatever comes to mind……

Band member:
Nicodemus freddy : Vocal - bass
Nadya octaria : Back.Vocal - Keyboards
Fuad danny : Back.Vocal - Bass

Somed : additional drum from (first time)