AronChupa is one of the five members of the Swedish hip-hop / dance group Albatraoz that during 2014 sold double platina with their eponymous super-hit “Albatraoz” (it has been played over 16 million times all over Scandinavia, not only Sweden).

In August 2014, AronChupa started up a solo-project where he released the song “I’m an Albatraoz” that quickly reached the top lists with 9 million plays on Spotify.

Song lyric I'm an Albatraoz I'M AN ALBATRAOZ AronChupa
Song lyric Bad Water BAD WATER AronChupa
Song lyric Little Swing LITTLE SWING AronChupa
Song lyric Llama in My Living Room LLAMA IN MY LIVING ROOM AronChupa
Song lyric Rave in the Grave RAVE IN THE GRAVE AronChupa
Song lyric Thai Massage THAI MASSAGE AronChupa
Song lyric The Hoods THE HOODS AronChupa