Artillery is a Danish thrash metal band. They participated in the early development of the genre, and their highly energetic, riff-centric and often fast-paced music is similar in style to that of Slayer and Megadeth from the same era.

The band formed in 1982 in Taastrup, a suburban town near Copenhagen. The members were guitarists Jørgen Sandau and Michael Stützer, bassist Morten Stützer, drummer Carsten Nielsen and singer Carsten Lohmann. The group recorded the demos Shellshock and Deeds of Darkness in 1984.

Artillery's first commercial debut came in early 1985 with the inclusion of the song "Hey Woman," on Volume One of the "Speed Metal Hell" compilation series which was released on New Renaissance Records. Later that year, Carsten Lohmann left and was replaced by Flemming Rönsdorf. Later the same year, Artillery recorded a third demo, Fear of Tomorrow, signed with Neat Records, and released their first album, also titled Fear of Tomorrow. In 1986, Carsten Nielsen was contacted by Quorthon of Bathory asking him if he was interested in drumming for Bathory. Nielsen turned down the offer since he thought Artillery would become a much bigger band than Bathory. Their second album, Terror Squad, was released in 1987.

Guitarist Jørgen Sandau left the band in 1989. Bassist Morten Stützer took over his position, lending the bass to recruit Peter Thorslund. Their third album, By Inheritance, was released in 1990 on both LP and CD, by Roadrunner Records. Artillery disbanded in 1991, some of the members pursuing musical projects of their own during the rest of the 1990s.

Following the 1998 release of an Artillery compilation CD, "Deadly Relics" by Mighty Music, featuring a mix of old demo recordings and two songs from the 1989 promotional tape, the band reformed to record a fourth album, B.A.C.K., which was released in 1999 by Die Hard Music.

In 2007, the band released a limited edition 4-CD boxset entitled "Through the Years", which contains the band's four studio albums and all their demo material.

On November 6, 2007, Michael Stützer confirmed on the official Artillery website that they were once again active, have concerts booked, and are rehearsing their old songs (along with new material). A new studio album is in consideration. However, longtime Artillery singer Flemming Rönsdorf is not involved, and the band is auditioning new singers.

On November 27, It was confirmed through the website and through the official newsletter, that singer Søren Adamsen will be the new frontman.

The official Artillery website was updated recently, stating that Artillery would tour around various locations in Europe during 2008, and recorded a live DVD during the MetalMania Festival in Katowice, Poland in 2008.

"When death comes" Artillery´s 5th studio album was released in June 2009 from Metal mind Prodoctions.

Song lyric Don't Believe DON'T BELIEVE Artillery
Song lyric By Inheritance BY INHERITANCE Artillery
Song lyric Bombfood BOMBFOOD Artillery
Song lyric Terror Squad TERROR SQUAD Artillery
Song lyric In The Trash IN THE TRASH Artillery
Song lyric The Challenge THE CHALLENGE Artillery
Song lyric Let There Be Sin LET THERE BE SIN Artillery
Song lyric Hunger And Greed HUNGER AND GREED Artillery
Song lyric Therapy THERAPY Artillery
Song lyric At War With Science AT WAR WITH SCIENCE Artillery
Song lyric Decapitation Of Deviants DECAPITATION OF DEVIANTS Artillery
Song lyric Back In The Trash BACK IN THE TRASH Artillery
Song lyric Beneath The Clay (r.i.p.) BENEATH THE CLAY (R.I.P.) Artillery
Song lyric Crossroads to Conspiracy CROSSROADS TO CONSPIRACY Artillery
Song lyric Equal At First EQUAL AT FIRST Artillery
Song lyric Khomaniak KHOMANIAK Artillery
Song lyric Life In Bondage LIFE IN BONDAGE Artillery
Song lyric Paparazzi PAPARAZZI Artillery
Song lyric The Face of Fear THE FACE OF FEAR Artillery
Song lyric Thirst for the Worst THIRST FOR THE WORST Artillery