ATL was a vocal group from Atlanta, Georgia. The vocalists are Tré, Will, L-Rock and rapper Danger. They had enlisted R. Kelly to produce their debut album The ATL Project, released in July 2004. Two singles released from this album: "Calling All Girls" (#12 UK Singles Chart, May 2004), and "Make It Up With Love" (#21 UK, August 2004). The four members of ATL - vocalists Tre, Will, L-Rock, and rapper Danger, came together after being chosen though an Atlanta-area talent search. Where previous R&B groups (112, Jagged Edge) had crossed over into hip-hop, by either featuring a guest rapper, or appearing on someone else's album, ATL was a self-contained R&B/hip-hop/fusion band. The quartet enlisted R. Kelly to produce their début single, "Calling All Girls," which was released in 2003.
From 2006, several songs began to leak onto the internet. Whether they are from an upcoming album or previously recorded for "The ATL Project" is unknown. Songs include, "All Grown Men", "Throwback", "In The Club Tonight" featuring Jagged Edge, "Do It" featuring UK MC Doctor, "Foolin' Around", "L.O.V.E.", "Riding Dirty" and "What I'm Looking For". However, the songs are very outdated, and are actually three years old, even though they are just now being released. According to former member Lawrence "L-Rock" Gibbs IV, ATL has indeed disbanded, but the members are working on individual projects.

Song lyric Calling All Girls CALLING ALL GIRLS ATL
Song lyric Make It Up With Love MAKE IT UP WITH LOVE ATL
Song lyric Архитектор АРХИТЕКТОР ATL
Song lyric Астронавт АСТРОНАВТ ATL
Song lyric Танцуйте ТАНЦУЙТЕ ATL