There are at least twenty-five different artists sharing the name Aurora.

1) Aurora Aksnes, born in 1996, is a singer from Bergen, Norway and goes by the artist name AURORA. Best known for her single "Awakening" and subsequently a cover of Oasis' "Half The World Away" for the Christmas advert for UK department store, John Lewis released in November 2015. Aurora released the single "Under Stars" in December 2014 and a four-track EP titled "Running With The Wolves" in May 2015. She is currently signed to Glassnote (North America/South Africa/Australia), Decca (world), and Petroleum Records (Norway). AURORA's first album is due for release in January 2016.

2) Aurora (known as Aurora UK in the USA) are English trance/dance producers, Sacha Collisson and Simon Greenaway, who have collaborated with guest vocalists Naimee Coleman, Lizzy Pattinson, Marcella Detroit and James Khari. On top of their trance and dance hits, they released an album of acoustic songs, such as the radio hit ‘Dreaming,’ in 2002. 2006 sees Aurora’s return with a dance cover of the Texas single, ‘Summer Son.’

3) Aurora is an Italian RAC band from Verona formed in 1998 , Aurora - official website

4) Aurora is a russian screamo band formed out of the ashes of another russian band pro'spect. they've released two demos (first was in 2009 and the second in 2010).

5) Aurora is a Danish melodic death metal band. Formed in 1994 as 'Aurora Borealis'. Releases:
1997 - I'll Cry Alone (EP);
1998 - Eos (CD);
1999 - Sadiam (MCD);
2000 - Devotion (CD);
2002 - Dead Electric Nightmares (CD).
Currently working on the next album.
Morten Larsen - vocals;
Thomas Broberg - guitar;
Chris Zalewski - guitar;
Anders Birkegaard - bass;
Jacob Jørgensen - drums. -

6) Aurora ( formerly Aura ) was a British progressive/new age/space rock band that was formed in 1984. They released one demo tape ( also titled Aurora ) before disbanding in the late 80's due to various inter-band problems.

7) AURORA ( AURORA) is, for the most part, an unknown Japanese band. During their career, they only released one demo tape and two singles ('Philosophy' and 'Unconscious'). A bit more information can be found at

8) Auróra was founded in Gyor, Hungary, by young local punks, Vigi (guitar/vocals), Galacs (bass), Polyak (drums) and Dauer (vocals). This was in 1982, at the height of the Hungarian punk blast, a period in which a punk gig caused big agitation, occasionally starting riots.

9) Aurora was the first Latvian indie rock band, formed by Ritvars Dižkačs in 1987. Aurora's most famous hits were 'Barjera' and 'Sadauzītais Bundzinieks' which are still played frequently on radio and TV stations. Unfortunately, information is only available in Latvian:

10) Aurora is an Albanian act who had a hit in 2005 with the song 'Per Mua Ishe Ti'.

11) Aurora is an American dance trio and released two albums.

12) Aurora is a German Dark-Wave band and was later renamed to Aurora Sutra. Songs include The Land of Harm and Appletrees (1993), The Dimension Gate (1994), Passing Over in Silence Towards Nuit (1996) and I and I Shall Descend (1998).

13) Aurora is a Swedish avant-garde metal/emoband who have currently recorded three EPs. (not available in English)

14) Aurora is a Polish new wave group formed in 1987, disbanded and reunited twice. (in Polish)

15) Aurora is a Chilean-based electronic project, although it's actually named .aurora_.

16) Aurora is a Connecticut based band who recently released their first album "Into the Sunset"

17) Aurora is a 3 piece rock group from Sydney, Australia who recently produced their own professional quality home demo.

18) Aurora is a duo of rappers, Onry Ozzborn and Sleep.

19) Aurora is a now-defunct four-piece indie/alternative band from Seattle, Washington. More information can be found on their MySpace.

20) Aurora is a two piece Alternative Rock band from Dublin, Ireland, featuring lead vocalist Eilis Fox and Guitarist Brian Keegan of Three Places.

21) Aurora is a 5-piece jazz-band from Aarhus, Denmark, formed in 2006. Debut album "Aurora" released in 2009 on Calibrated/VME. Aurora - Myspace, Aurora - official website.

22) Aurora is a female singer from Indonesia.

23) Aurora is a metal band from Birmingham England. [url= [/url]

24) Aurora (formerly known as Xio) is a singer/songwriter/actress who has thrived in multiple creative genres by re-inventing herself and establishing a new definition of the word “artist.” Aurora, born as Xiomara Medina in San Juan, Puerto Rico, founded Medination Music LLC, her own independent record label. Under this label, she released two albums, "Temperatures of My Life" & "So Alive." Aurora has released numerous singles, including her latest, "Heaven/Cielo." "Heaven" was the #1 Added & Spincrease single for Nov 1st week on New Music Weekly putting her on the "Up & Coming" artist list as well. This club and radio banger was written by Aurora and produced by Tony Caluccio, who has remixed and collaborated with a stellar list of headliners, including Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson. Aurora directed and edited the video for her song “Ve”, which was the official selection of the 2013 Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico.

25) Aurora is a female reggae singer from Finland.

Song lyric Home HOME Aurora
Song lyric A Different Kind of Human A DIFFERENT KIND OF HUMAN Aurora
Song lyric A Pertect Light A PERTECT LIGHT Aurora
Song lyric A World With You A WORLD WITH YOU Aurora
Song lyric All Is Soft Inside ALL IS SOFT INSIDE Aurora
Song lyric All The Thing ALL THE THING Aurora
Song lyric Animal ANIMAL Aurora
Song lyric Apple Tree APPLE TREE Aurora
Song lyric Aurora Borealis AURORA BOREALIS Aurora
Song lyric Awakening AWAKENING Aurora
Song lyric Black Heavy Cat BLACK HEAVY CAT Aurora
Song lyric Black Tears BLACK TEARS Aurora
Song lyric Black Water Lillies BLACK WATER LILLIES Aurora
Song lyric Blue BLUE Aurora
Song lyric Catharsis CATHARSIS Aurora
Song lyric Causa Sui CAUSA SUI Aurora
Song lyric Chains Of God CHAINS OF GOD Aurora
Song lyric Churchyard CHURCHYARD Aurora
Song lyric Conqueror CONQUEROR Aurora
Song lyric Dance On The Moon DANCE ON THE MOON Aurora
Song lyric Danzig Summer DANZIG SUMMER Aurora
Song lyric Daydreamer DAYDREAMER Aurora
Song lyric Devotion DEVOTION Aurora
Song lyric Elyzium ELYZIUM Aurora
Song lyric Ethereal Goddess ETHEREAL GODDESS Aurora
Song lyric Forgotten Love FORGOTTEN LOVE Aurora
Song lyric Gentle Earthquakes GENTLE EARTHQUAKES Aurora
Song lyric Half The World Away HALF THE WORLD AWAY Aurora
Song lyric Hunger HUNGER Aurora
Song lyric I Went Too Far I WENT TOO FAR Aurora
Song lyric I'll Cry Alone I'LL CRY ALONE Aurora
Song lyric In Bottles IN BOTTLES Aurora
Song lyric In Boxes IN BOXES Aurora
Song lyric In This Room IN THIS ROOM Aurora
Song lyric Infections of a Different Kind INFECTIONS OF A DIFFERENT KIND Aurora
Song lyric Into the Unknown INTO THE UNKNOWN Aurora
Song lyric It Happened Quiet IT HAPPENED QUIET Aurora
Song lyric It's Just IT'S JUST Aurora
Song lyric Jack JACK Aurora
Song lyric Life on Mars LIFE ON MARS Aurora
Song lyric Little Boy In The Grass LITTLE BOY IN THE GRASS Aurora
Song lyric Lucky LUCKY Aurora
Song lyric Matyr Of Life MATYR OF LIFE Aurora
Song lyric Metaphysical Electric METAPHYSICAL ELECTRIC Aurora
Song lyric Mimpi MIMPI Aurora
Song lyric Mothership MOTHERSHIP Aurora
Song lyric Mrs. Pink MRS. PINK Aurora
Song lyric Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) MURDER SONG (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) AURORA
Song lyric Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) (Acoustic) MURDER SONG (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) (ACOUSTIC) Aurora
Song lyric Nature Boy NATURE BOY Aurora
Song lyric New God Rising NEW GOD RISING Aurora
Song lyric Numbed Eyes NUMBED EYES Aurora
Song lyric Ordinary World ORDINARY WORLD Aurora
Song lyric Pisah Saja PISAH SAJA Aurora
Song lyric Psychedelic PSYCHEDELIC Aurora
Song lyric Puppet PUPPET Aurora
Song lyric Queendom QUEENDOM Aurora
Song lyric Runaway RUNAWAY Aurora
Song lyric Running With the Wolves RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES Aurora
Song lyric Sadiam SADIAM Aurora
Song lyric Scarborough Fair SCARBOROUGH FAIR Aurora
Song lyric Slow Down SLOW DOWN Aurora
Song lyric Soft Universe SOFT UNIVERSE Aurora
Song lyric Soulless Creatures SOULLESS CREATURES Aurora
Song lyric Teardrop TEARDROP Aurora
Song lyric The River THE RIVER Aurora
Song lyric The Seed THE SEED Aurora
Song lyric Through the Eyes of a Child THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD Aurora
Song lyric To Hell TO HELL Aurora
Song lyric Turn It Around TURN IT AROUND Aurora
Song lyric Two Dice And A Silent Disguise TWO DICE AND A SILENT DISGUISE Aurora
Song lyric Under Stars UNDER STARS Aurora
Song lyric Under the Water UNDER THE WATER Aurora
Song lyric Warrior WARRIOR Aurora
Song lyric Watching, Falling, Breathing WATCHING, FALLING, BREATHING Aurora
Song lyric Winter Bird WINTER BIRD Aurora
Song lyric Wisdom Cries WISDOM CRIES Aurora
Song lyric You YOU Aurora