Awie (born Ahmad Azhar bin Othman on November 24, 1968) is a Malaysian rock singer and actor. Awie was born Ahmad Azhar Bin Othman on November 24, 1968 in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Othman bin Maarof and Azizah bte Abdul Hamid. He has three sisters (one deceased) and two brothers (one deceased). Awie suffered from chronic hypotrichosis during his childhood years.

Awie started his music career in Kuala Lumpur in 1989, fronting the Malaysian "Wings", which had an original line-up of Black (drums), Syam (guitars), Eddie (bass) and Awie (lead vocals). The debuted with the album "Belenggu Irama". Their subsequent album "Hukum Karma" features successful singles 'Misteri Mimpi Syakilla' (composed by the late J.S. Kevin) and 'Taman Rashidah Utama' (written by a producer Bob Lokman). Various albums followed, including 'Teori Domino', 'Jerangkung Dalam Almari' and 'Bazooka Penaka'. A number of Wings's hits are composed by singer-songwriter M. Nasir.

Awie left the band (1994) after reported disagreements with the then-drummer Black, and pursued a career as a solo artist and actor. He re-joined Wings in 2002 after lukewarm fan response to his replacements Mus (formerly from May) and Mel (a club singer). The band is still active. Their recent concert appearances and recordings include 'Wings Alive 2006' and 'Wings Live In KL 1991'.

Song lyric Tragedi Oktober TRAGEDI OKTOBER Awie
Song lyric Di Penjara Janji DI PENJARA JANJI Awie
Song lyric Terima Kasih TERIMA KASIH Awie
Song lyric Ukiran Jiwa UKIRAN JIWA Awie
Song lyric Raya Yang Sempurna RAYA YANG SEMPURNA Awie
Song lyric Ratu Ku RATU KU Awie
Song lyric Bara BARA Awie
Song lyric Nostalgia Cinta NOSTALGIA CINTA Awie
Song lyric Tiada Rahsia Antara Kita TIADA RAHSIA ANTARA KITA Awie
Song lyric Di Bayang Awan DI BAYANG AWAN Awie
Song lyric Pedih PEDIH Awie
Song lyric Permainan Duniawi PERMAINAN DUNIAWI Awie
Song lyric Maya MAYA Awie
Song lyric Di Medan Ini DI MEDAN INI Awie
Song lyric Cinta Bukan Ilusi CINTA BUKAN ILUSI Awie
Song lyric Tiada Mungkin Terungkap TIADA MUNGKIN TERUNGKAP Awie
Song lyric Air Mata Maria AIR MATA MARIA Awie
Song lyric Aku Bukan Orang Putih AKU BUKAN ORANG PUTIH Awie
Song lyric Alif Ba Ta Dunia Ku ALIF BA TA DUNIA KU Awie
Song lyric Bahagia Menemui Mu BAHAGIA MENEMUI MU Awie
Song lyric Di Persimpangan Zaman DI PERSIMPANGAN ZAMAN Awie
Song lyric Hilang Kau Hilang Segalanya (feat. Maizurah) HILANG KAU HILANG SEGALANYA (FEAT. MAIZURAH) Awie
Song lyric Kau Yang Mula Dulu KAU YANG MULA DULU Awie
Song lyric Kembali KEMBALI Awie
Song lyric Kita Permata KITA PERMATA Awie
Song lyric Kuda Tiga Kaki KUDA TIGA KAKI Awie
Song lyric Lepak LEPAK Awie
Song lyric Mata, Hati, Jiwa MATA, HATI, JIWA Awie
Song lyric Musafir Di Aidilfitri MUSAFIR DI AIDILFITRI Awie
Song lyric Nur Nilam Sari (feat. Search) NUR NILAM SARI (FEAT. SEARCH) Awie
Song lyric O Tak O TAK Awie
Song lyric Sensasi Hari Raya (feat. Ziana Zain) SENSASI HARI RAYA (FEAT. ZIANA ZAIN) Awie
Song lyric Sinar Bertemu Cahaya SINAR BERTEMU CAHAYA Awie