Bahram Nouraei (Persian: بهرام نورایی; born April 25, 1988), also known as Bahram , is a Rap/Hip-hop artist from Tehran, Iran. Bahram’s first foray into the underground hip-hop world was in 2001, when he and three of his friends joined together and established "G.A.P." (Guys in the Alleys of Persia). As a group, they created ten songs that would never be released, before disbanding shortly thereafter.

In 2006, Bahram and Ehsan Qareziaeddini (aka Atour) collaborated on Bahram’s first official full-length LP entitled “24 Sa’at" (24 Hours) released in 2008. In May 2011, after three years of silence, Bahram released "Sokout", which included 14 new tracks such as: "Mano Bebakhsh" (Persian: منو ببخش; Forgive Me), "Ye Hes" (Persian: یه حس; A Feeling), "Be Chi Eteghad Dari?" (Persian: به چی اعتقاد داری؟; What Do You Believe In?), "Khorshid Khanoom" (Persian: خورشید خانوم; Lady Sunshine), and “Yaqi" (Persian: یاغی; The Outlaw) in which Bahram expresses his appreciation for various alternative elements of hip-hop culture, such as Graffiti and B-boying.
He left Iran in November 2011 and is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

His tracks can be downloaded at his offical webpage,