bear paw

Bear Paw are a four piece indie/folk band from the marshes of North/East London.
Their debut single was released on 20th October 2014.

‘Poignant, melodic indie-folk shot through with melancholy, like a stick of Blackpool rock’ - Mad Mackerel

‘Plaintive and forlorn… this three song single is for those of us with an ear for good music and lyrics. The Kinks seem an obvious comparison’ - London Unsigned

‘You’re unlikely so hear an acoustic fronted band that will stir your emotions this much any time soon… sublime in its simplicity’ - We Close Tonight

‘Distinctive melodies and poetic lyrics make them stand out from the landfill indie’ - This is Most Definitely Now

‘Apollonian and blue, dulcet and brisk folk music’ - Nessi Holt, Music Hour