beat dis

A bunch of close friends in a little Hungarian town called Szombathely, Hungary decided in 2002 to connect their different ways of self-expression and establish their own band - and Beat Dis was born. They started to develop a particular sound that fuses bass-heavy hip hop beats with groovy riffs, synthesizer-based vibrations, pointed scratches and punching lyrics.

Since that time they have played in many different clubs and festivals throughout the country and released an album called Genetik Gift in 2003 with the help of Prieger Zsolt, the headman of supergroup Anima Sound System.
Their second album, Keep Still, came out on Chameleon Records, in September, 2007.
And the third album, Proof Positive, came out in 2009.

Csigó Tamás
Zaida Rivas
Kutzora Edina
Monori Gabi
Judie Jay
Fodor 'Muzzo' Szabolcs - guitar
DJ Owa
DJ Rocksteady (Goodfellaz)
Németh Gergely
Dimanovszki Natalie