bel air

There are at least three artists with this name.

1. A German progressive rock band which were active between 1986 and 1994.

2. The five-piece Brooklyn based band, Bel Air, has an Americana focus while keeping their songs rooted in the foundation of rock and pop music. The band's three founding members (Allie Langerak, Jeff Mensch and Wyatt Tuzo) create a sound that often harkens back to the 60s British Invasion and 90s indie rock which, blended with experimental elements, moves the music beyond the classification of Americana into something wholly new that can best be described as "dream country".

3. An underground indie band from Ballarat, Australia, Bel Air has only been formed since May 2013, but already the members of the freshly-baked 4-piece are being surrounded by love from music blogs world-wide. Their dreamy yet powerful pair of debut tracks are woven with mind-blowingly sonorous vocals, edgy steaming guitar hooks and that oh-so-spacy synth.
They'll make you see colours.