There are two artists on with this name:

1. Belly, an alternative rock band from Boston which formed in 1991
2. Belly/Rebellyus, a rapper from Ottawa, Canada

(1) An alternative rock band active from 1991 to 1996 which reunited in 2016. Belly was formed in 1991 by former Throwing Muses members Tanya Donelly (also in The Breeders with Kim Deal) and Fred Abong. Based in Boston, Massachusetts (although all of the members were from Newport, Rhode Island), the band consisted of Donelly on lead vocals, Abong on bass, Tom Gorman on guitar, and Chris Gorman on drums. In 1993, they scored an alternative hit with the single “Feed the Tree”. Their debut album, Star, reached #2 on the UK albums chart, with its 1995 follow-up, King, reaching #6.

(2) Belly (Rebellyus) is a rapper and hip-hop artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with origins in Palestine. He is a practicing Muslim. Born in Jenin, Palestine, his musical career has been based in the Ottawa, Ontario. In addition to a Juno, he has won two MuchMusic Video Awards and has twice attained a top chart position in the national Much Music Countdown. His stage name of Belly/Rebellyus was derived from the term “rebellious”.

He first appeared on Massari’s third single “Rush the Floor”, and his first solo single “Pressure” featuring Ginuwine premiered in January 2007.

His debut album, The Revolution, was released on June 5, 2007. This double disc album was divided into two sections: “The People” and “The System”. “The People” contained more in-depth songs, such as “History of Violence” (produced by Whosane?), “Follow Me”, and “Revolutionary”, where he challenges his listeners to discover the facts regarding the Middle-East situation. Other songs on this disc include “People Change” (produced by Whosane?), “Leave me Alone”, where he talks about his longtime friends and the memories that he kept from them. “The System” contained his hit singles “Don’t Be Shy”, “Ridin’”, and “Pressure”.

The Revolution achieved Gold status in Canada and won the 2008 Juno Award for “Rap Recording of the Year”. Singles from The Revolution won two MuchMusic Video Awards for “Best Rap Video”: “Pressure” in 2007 and “Ridin’” in 2008.

Song lyric Seal My Fate SEAL MY FATE Belly
Song lyric Now They'll Sleep NOW THEY'LL SLEEP Belly
Song lyric Broken BROKEN Belly
Song lyric Sweet Ride SWEET RIDE Belly
Song lyric 4 Days 4 DAYS Belly
Song lyric Ballerina BALLERINA Belly
Song lyric Barely Sober BARELY SOBER Belly
Song lyric Consuela CONSUELA Belly
Song lyric Dealer Plated DEALER PLATED Belly
Song lyric Feed The Tree FEED THE TREE Belly
Song lyric Glorious GLORIOUS Belly
Song lyric Hollywood Interlude HOLLYWOOD INTERLUDE Belly
Song lyric I Drink I Smoke I DRINK I SMOKE Belly
Song lyric Immigrant IMMIGRANT Belly
Song lyric King KING Belly
Song lyric Maintain MAINTAIN Belly
Song lyric Marijuana Thoughts MARIJUANA THOUGHTS Belly
Song lyric Might Not MIGHT NOT Belly
Song lyric Mumble Rap MUMBLE RAP Belly
Song lyric No Option NO OPTION Belly
Song lyric P.O.P. P.O.P. Belly
Song lyric Super-connected SUPER-CONNECTED Belly
Song lyric The Come Down Is Real Too THE COME DOWN IS REAL TOO Belly
Song lyric White Girls WHITE GIRLS Belly
Song lyric Xion XION Belly
Song lyric Ya Dunya YA DUNYA Belly
Song lyric Zanzibar ZANZIBAR Belly