black theama

Why Blactheama ?

Not only because they are dark skinned , but also cause they present a mix between the dark skinned in the world like “ REGGAE, BLUES, JAZZ , HIP HOP , RnB , and Nubian Music “ and all this is presented in the slang language which taken from the Egyptian streets.

The project of the group:
It is trying to search for a relation between the music of the dark skinned in the world and mix it with so simple and useful words in an easy way that makes the normal street people understand this music without any complication.

“So simply our project is presenting an alternative song “

When was the Group founded?

It was founded on 2004 on the hands of AMIR SALAH who was having before a group called “KARISMA” with a friend of him MOHAMED ABDO , and then in one of their shows they met MOHAMED BAHR and they loved his voice so much and from this moment they decided to make a new group with a new name and that was BLACKTHEAMA.

Who are the members?

Many people come and go, something like more than 15 musician from the beginning until now but they have changed all by time and the only one who kept until now is MOHAMED ABDOULAZIZ .

SINGERS: Amir Salah , Mohammed Abdo , Ahmed Bahr .


DRUMS: Mahmoud Abdulaziz


AOOD: Amro Gahien

PERCUTION & DUF: Mohamed Zatona

DUF & TABLA: Adel Mikha

BASE GUITAR: Mostafa Guida

KAMAN: Mohamed Samy

The words of the songs are a bit strange and this is mainly because the poet ions who write for BLACKTHEAMA are so different and they are:

-Mido Zohir : who wrote more than 13 songs like KOLMRRA “every time “, YASADEK “ hey friend “ , GAYEZNEROK , MOKAAB ELSOKAR “ The sugar can “ , ALRAWY “ the story teller “ , YANEGMA “ hey star “, GHAWY BANEADMEEN “Interested in human beings “, LESSA ADER 3AL3ANAWY.”Still can sing “.

-Ramy Yahya: Arround 15 songs like MAGNON “Creasy “, EFLETZEMAM , YA 7ABEEB “hey my love “ , GILNA “our generation “ , KHALEEK MESTANNY “ keep waiting “, WARAKET MELAD “ birth paper” , BOKRA FIEH NESBA7 NAWARETH,

-Amir Salaheldin: YA3NY SHWAYA KEDA” some few like this “, SHERATON, ANA ALLAZY ” am the one who …” , SA3AAT “some times”, KHARSAN, MALET NEDAKY YA BALDETY.

-Mohammed Abdo: BARDO SHWAYIA KEDA “also some few like this “, AGMAL AYAM ” the best days “ , KON SA3EED “be happy “, ANA 3ANDY SER “ I have a secret “ , ATAZAKAR “I remember “ , LSSA ELHAYA YAMA FEHA GEDED “life still have new stuff “.

-Hasan Abo Tawiela : LAW LAFEET “if I went around “, TAR WE ENTALAK “flied”, YALLA NETANICH “lets take it easy “.

-Eeed ELswefy: RUTUSH

-Ramy AMin: ELNILE BIEGRY “the Nile is running “.

-Samir farrag: YALLY FOUADAK “who’s heart “

Who are the composers?

The composers are the founders of the group, Ahmed Bahr is the composer of most of the songs, and the group depend on his work totally .

And then Mohammed Abdo and Amir Salah nearly they compose for the songs they write, and also compose for the other songs which is written by the different writers whom we told about .

Places where Blackthema presented their show:

+ The first show was in 7 of August 2004. in “ Sakyat Abdoelmonem Elsawy” and from this moment they played more than 12 shows in this place in average of 3,4 concerts a year during the last 3 years.

+ Played for the new year for the first time in Marsa Alam , January 2006.

+ Played in the open theatre of the Egyptian opera house , August 2005.

+ Played the first concert for Elgenena Theatre of Elazhar garden, July 2005.

+ Played in Elhanager center for arts .Ramadan October 2005.

+ Played in Eljezweet centre “cairo”2004, Alexandria 2005.

+ “For the lost ones “a concert for the families of the victims of BANYSWIF theatre burn.

+ Played for the “Egyptian woman’s day 16March 2007.

+ Played in the opening day for the mobile movies , Rawabet theatre , good new , 20March 2007

+ And played more then 10 concerts in other different places.

Media Attendance:

- The group was hosted in lots of Television programs some of them are SHABABIK, AL3ashera Masaan, Fun on line , Dream channel , lots of cultural and artistic programs el Nile channels , OTV Channel , Masaok sokar program,

+ A whole coverage en all the land and satellite channels for the Egyptian woman’s day, and all coverage in all local news papers in 16 March 2007.

+ A whole coverage in SOS3 show in the china garden, and Mazzika channel .

The Group was presented in a short movie under the production of the Swiss cultural centre , and the movie was displayed through the festival of the short movies in the French and Swiss cultural centre , and the Goethe German institution .