Formed by Zedbazi founder Saman Wilson and lead singer/producer Mehrad Hidden, Bozorg is partly an extension of the hip-hop style popularized by Zedbazi in the early 2000s. With similarities in creativity and language, it offers an energetic cross-genre sound.

Bozorg's first album "Bozorg Volume 2", includes 19 tracks produced by Mehrad Hidden and is set to be released in late Feb-2015.

Featuring artists include Sohrab MJ, Arash Dara, Tara, Kiarash and Siamak.

Song lyric Kaafi Nist KAAFI NIST Bozorg
Song lyric Taa Tah TAA TAH Bozorg
Song lyric Yeki Dige (feat. Arash Dara) YEKI DIGE (FEAT. ARASH DARA) Bozorg