Brymo refers to at least 2 acts:

1. Brymo (born Ashimi Olawale) is a Nigerian singer, composer, songwriter and recording artist signed to the Chocolate City music label

2. Brymo (Bryan Kim) is a Singer/Songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originally trained classically on the violin, viola, and piano, later discovered rock and roll, eventually learning the bass guitar. After a few bands, he started picking up all kinds of instruments and learned how to play them to his favourite songs. While in college, bryan focused more on listening to music, writing songs, and finding his sound, rather than writing papers and taking tests.

About the songs he writes now he says, "They're about the world at large and the planet getting warmer - to all the women in my life, and the grief it all causes me."

Song lyric Ara ARA Brymo
Song lyric Good Morning GOOD MORNING Brymo
Song lyric Ozymandias OZYMANDIAS Brymo
Song lyric Something Good Is Happening SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPENING Brymo
Song lyric Strippers + White Lines / Smart Monkey STRIPPERS + WHITE LINES / SMART MONKEY Brymo