Buckskin Bugle

Starting from the friendship among fellow in a clothing trade center (which ultimately is famous CBGB Crew / CiBadak Gudang Baju A.K.A Cimol), BUCKSKIN BUGLE started in mid 1997. At first there was no clear name as a band that used to be included in every rehersal in the studio until finally a friend came up with the proposed name BUCKSKIN BUGLE which is then often abbreviated as BSB. With this name later BUCKSKIN BUGLE often start appearing on the show several local gigs, prom and matinee show in Bandung and its surroundings.

Spending a better part of 2009, BUCKSKIN BUGLE had the opportunity to be the opening band for NOT AVAILABLE (Germany Punk Band) "5 Aces Tour For Indonesia" and Punk Supergroup MXPX All Stars from USA, before hitting the studio with producer Yoni Gayot (Superman Is Dead, Rocket Rockers) for their third studio album and follow-up to 2004's Dengan Kerasnya!. Holed up in a secluded studio to craft some of the best music of their career.

This was the first recording and writing experience for BUCKSKIN BUGLE after a long recording hiatus since 2004, It was a great time to spend time back in studio again.

Check out BUCKSKIN BUGLE recent beloved debut album Crazy Lazy as well as most recent release Dengan Kerasnya! released by My Own Deck.

Stay tuned for information regarding the band's upcoming headlining tour. Fans are encouraged to follow the band's Twitter page (@buckskin_bugle) for news, updates, contests, free tickets and more!!

Song lyric Dengan Kerasnya DENGAN KERASNYA Buckskin Bugle