buzzG is a vocaloid producer who uploaded his first work to NicoNico Douga in late 2009. His songs are mostly rock or rock ballads, and he employs many guitars and drum parts in each work. You might notice certain similarities in his songs, especially in the intros and choruses, as if he works on a core melody. However, he's really skilled in utilizing varying guitar melodies, be it bass, rhythm, etc. This dexterity makes each of his songs sound unique despite similarities to one another.

buzzG has so far only used the vocaloids GUMI and Miku in his works. His GUMI tuning notably well done. His first work gained a lot of attention because his GUMI was said to sound "almost human" in it. In his next well-received track, Against, he uses GUMI to sing in semi-low, whispery tunes.

buzzG will released a compilation of his previous works, Rebellion on the Sunday, in May of 2010.