Calogero (born Calogero Maurici on July 30, 1971 in Échirolles, near Grenoble) is a French singer.

By the age of six Calogero had already taken an interest in music. He quickly learned to play several instruments, including the flute, piano and bass, and in 1986 became the lead singer and song-writer for the band Charts. He started it together with his brother, Gioacchino, and a childhood friend, Francis Maggiulli. Between 1989 and 1997, "Charts" released 5 albums : "L'océan sans fond" (1989), "Notre monde à nous" (1991), "Hannibal" (1994), "Acte 1" (1995), and "Changer" (1997).

As the band began to lose its momentum, Calogero decided to launch himself as a solo artist and gathered important connections by writing songs and collaborating with already popular artists, such as Zazie and Pascal Obispo. The latter helped produce Calogero's first solo album Au milieu des autres (2000). His second album, Calogero (2002) was a huge success with the hit singles "En apesanteur", "Aussi libre que moi", "Tien an men" and "Prendre racine". Finally, in 2004, Calogero released .calog3ro, containing "Face à la mer", a duet with French rapper Passi, and several other top singles such as "Yalla" and "Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer".

Calogero's moving lyrics and frail, tender voice have made him one of France's top pop/rock singers.

Song lyric En Apesanteur EN APESANTEUR Calogero
Song lyric Yalla YALLA Calogero
Song lyric Aussi Libre Que Moi AUSSI LIBRE QUE MOI Calogero
Song lyric Face A La Mer FACE A LA MER Calogero
Song lyric Safe Sex SAFE SEX Calogero
Song lyric 1987 1987 Calogero
Song lyric Danser encore DANSER ENCORE Calogero
Song lyric Face à la mer FACE À LA MER Calogero
Song lyric Face � La Mer (en Duo Avec Passi) FACE � LA MER (EN DUO AVEC PASSI) Calogero
Song lyric J'ai le droit aussi J'AI LE DROIT AUSSI Calogero
Song lyric Je Joue De La Musique JE JOUE DE LA MUSIQUE Calogero
Song lyric Je N'ai Que Nous � Vivre JE N'AI QUE NOUS � VIVRE Calogero
Song lyric La rumeur LA RUMEUR Calogero
Song lyric Le monde moderne LE MONDE MODERNE Calogero
Song lyric Le portrait LE PORTRAIT Calogero
Song lyric Les feux d'artifice LES FEUX D'ARTIFICE Calogero
Song lyric On fait comme si ON FAIT COMME SI Calogero
Song lyric Pomme C POMME C Calogero
Song lyric Un jour au mauvais endroit UN JOUR AU MAUVAIS ENDROIT Calogero