The outfit was formed around April 2008 in Bandung, Indonesia, when Rylsick, Joe, and Dipo agreed to form a band hardcore / punk. Three old friends are then invited Bedzo to join as bassist. With Charvaka addition, some personnel are also affiliated with several other bands. Any personnel in Charvaka are individuals who have the character and background are different. This diversity makes it a more dynamic band. After a couple of times a replacement name, Charvaka eventually used as a band. Charvaka name itself comes from the name of a ideology which teaches philosophy of materialism and atheism, which evolved in India since the 6th century BC. The essence of this school of thought rely on the knowledge of the truth by rejecting everything that is metaphysical. Atheism in Charvaka not depart from philosophical speculation but a critique of the social order that is not fair, in the sense of a class of people who take advantage through spiritual dogmas.

Charvaka was used in such a common knowledge in philosophy, a study of atheism and materialism grew since centuries ago in India.

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