chimene badi

Chimène Badi was born in Melun, in the Paris suburbs but she spent her entire childhood in the south-west of France, growing up in Villeneuve-sur-Lot with her parents, Chérifa and Mohammed, her sister, Déborah, and her brother, Karim. Her sister Déborah encouraged her to persevere with her singing and Chimène went on to hone her vocal style still further, performing at family parties and regional song contests from the age of six.

Chimène also made her mark at her school's end-of-year shows, wowing the audience with her confident vocal performance. Teachers barely recognised Chimène who, when she was off stage, was a notoriously shy pupil, given to daydreaming and complexes about her appearance. Meanwhile, Chimène plugged away at her studies, going on to obtain a "BEP" in agribusiness.