close head

closehead is a melodic punk band from bandung, indonesia

“LAMLAM” as vocals and bass player
“AID” as gutarist
“IJAN” Playing drum…

Closehead was formed on January 18, 1997, originated from the idea of a group of energetic young people who like music that wing Melodic Punk, then formed a band called Closehead. In the early formation of Closehead, heavily influenced by bands outside of that genre such as Melodic Punk Not Available, MXPX, Blink 182, and other bands. Over time, Closehead began creating her own songs in the hope that everyone will accept the songs they created. In its development to create a solid band, Closehead a lot to do some renovation in terms of band formation. Counted for about 6 years already, there has been personnel changes as much as 5 times, which makes their musicality evolved into a solid point. After going through various musical developments especially in the city and performing in various musical events, Closehead began trying to show the color of their own music. And after following some of the genre compilation Melodic Punk in Bandung, Closehead finally produced a mini album (EP) released in July 2002 by My Own Deck Records featuring 5 songs flagship. And in Bandung itself, Closehead songs have been included in the request line some of the leading private radio in Bandung, and a song that bertitle Closehead 'Eat My Holiday' had become the top Indie chart at a leading private radio in Bandung city. In mid-2007 Closehead issued bertitle Split album "DiscoPunkHead", and a single titled "Standing's" back in the top line requests of the leading private radio stations in Bandung, until this 2008 single is still a top incoming requests private radio stations and bandung several other cities, followed by Family Compilation Vol.1 Linoleum and Nu distributions Buzz.1 Geronimo 2008. Currently CloseHead currently in the process of making a full album. The vision and mission is to make Closehead own music as a living color that can act as a complement to the needs of human life, featuring music that can be accepted by all people and be able to entertain, especially among the young that many experience the dynamics of the times and displays the best performance for the listeners Closehead both in the live stages as well as in works of music (song material) that Closehead generate.