Constancia started out as the brainchild of former Scudiero/Token keyboard player Mikael Rosengren. He had written a bunch of songs that were just screaming to be completed, recorded and released. He got in touch with Janne Stark (Overdrive, Locomotive Breath, Zello etc.) asking him to lay down some guitars on the demos. Janne loved the songs and got even more involved in the guitar arrangements. Thus the seed of Constancia was planted.

“I’ve always been a fan of the pompish-side of Melodic Hard Rock and bands like City Boy, Styx and Trillion as well as the real heavy stuff. I instantly felt these songs could be the perfect marriage between the melodic rock, some progressive moments and an aggressive touch added to it. That’s when I came to think of the style description: - Melogressive Metal”, says Janne.

Next up was to find a drummer, where Janne had previously worked with TrumPeter Svensson both in Locomotive Breath and Mountain Of Power. Peter is also found in doom-folk rockers Faith. Mikael then found Jaded Heart bass-player Michael Mueller, whom he met when their respective bands shared label. After having tried out several singers Janne came to think of Andromeda singer David Fremberg, who had also appeared on Janne’s Mountain of Power album. One vocal trial track later he became the band’s lead vocalist. The vast geographical differences not meaning any limitations, the album now started growing together piece by piece. It all amalgamated into an end result that is a true band effort!

“It was really interesting to see it merge together and like a small weed slowly rise and break through the asphalt to finally blossom when all the pieces came together”, says Janne who was appointed recording project manager. The band first tried out different engineers to mix the album, such as Beau Hill, Pontus Norgren, Pontus Lindmark and Pelle Saether, all of them doing a great job, but it was finally Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed, Eclipse, Siebenbürgen) that was chosen to mix and co-produce the album. “He finally found the essence of what we were after: the marriage between the melodic side and the heaviness”, concludes Mikael. To put a final touch killer touch on the sound the album was mastered by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Sunstorm, Place Vendome etc).

Recording merits:

David Fremberg:
Andromeda, Truth, Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey, Bloom, Mountain of Power

Mikael Rosengren:
Scudiero, Token

Janne Stark:
Balls, Overdrive, Locomotive Breath, Mountain of Power, Zello, Planet Alliance, John Garner's Sir Lord Baltimore

Michael Müller:
Jaded Heart, Paul Shortino

Peter Svensson:
Faith, Mountain of Power, Locomotive Breath, Mercy, Globe