Danger Ranger


About us, so far…

The Formation :

Danger Ranger was formed in the middle of may 2008, with the formation : Iing, Fajar, Aldy,Wahdan, and Sandy. Not too long after we record our first demo, Sandy decided to resign, due to his concern of his study. Then Salt and Derisky join us to cover it up and add more tunes. Unfortunately, about a year after Derisky join, he decided to resign and focus on his first year of college. So now here are five of us, struggle and survive.

The Music :

We can say that our basic genre is pop, with upbeat and danceable tempo in most of our songs, and mix with electronic stuffs (ambience,loop,synth,etc), we called it “Heavy Dance Pop”. We always try to come up with honest lyric about stories or feelings and straight to the point, like when you have story or problem that you want to share with your friends, u told them then they gives you advices or just listen to ur story. Basically that’s what we do in our lyrics, honest story, advices to struggle, and enjoy your life while u can :)

What we’ve done :

We started with “What A Horrible Date” song that spread well enough over myspace and make people start to put us on their playlist, not too long after that we published “She Says, Break Up” that also got good responses. Then we constantly hit the stages, school shows, and gigs, and also write the songs for our upcoming mini album. then in the middle of 2009 (1 year after we formed) we started the process of our first mini album, while we still constantly played some shows,and writing more songs. After the long process, we released our first mini album titled “Party Animal” in march 2010 by D.I.Y way (produced and distribute by ourselves). Thank god this album got good responses, by fill some request charts in several local radio and regularly airing. In June of 2010, we visited Malaysia for a day, to join the MTV Redamp contest that sponsored by Redtix Airasia.

Missions :

We want to play the shows as many as we can, especially your town ! it must be fun to visit new places with new friends, call us to play at your city, we would love to come and make new friends :) Besides that, we have started to write new songs for upcoming full length album, that hopefully can release next year (we still looking for the record label). so yeah, lets come to our shows, sing the songs, chat with us or whatever, every little support of yours, means the world to us, thank you for keep supporting us, and we’ll try to do our best for all of you :)

- Danger Ranger, November 2010 -

Enjoy Our Music at :

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Song lyric Should I Stop This SHOULD I STOP THIS Danger Ranger
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Song lyric Satukan Perbedaan SATUKAN PERBEDAAN Danger Ranger
Song lyric Hingga Saat Nanti HINGGA SAAT NANTI Danger Ranger
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Song lyric What A Horrible Date WHAT A HORRIBLE DATE Danger Ranger