Daniel Balavoine

Emblematic french singer from the 80's, Daniel Balavoine (1952-1986) participated in the first Starmania rock-show (later played in the USA as 'Tycoon') and wrote many popular songs that shook the french youth during his time, such as Le Chanteur, L'Aziza, Sauver l'amour ...

Very engaged in the civil society, he was singing and living the lust for life, the hopes and doubts of his generation, often clashing with politicians, elites, and older generations. He is especially famous for a tense debate about the struggles, hopes and doubts of the french youth, with the then first secretary of the french socialist party -Francois Miterrand-, who was then elected twice as president of the French republic. Later he also had problems in a misunderstood verbal clash about the french veterans.

Daniel Balavoine loved Africa and this transpires in many of his songs. He dedicated himself to humanitarian projects and took part in the Paris-Dakar rallye two times. The third time he took part only for humanitarian reasons. On the 14th january 1986, around 8pm, his helicopter crashed between Mali and Burkina-Faso, killing all five passengers, putting an end to his career, and leaving behind his pregnant wife Corine and his son Jeremy.

Song lyric Mon Fils Ma Bataille MON FILS MA BATAILLE Daniel Balavoine
Song lyric Vivre Ou Survivre VIVRE OU SURVIVRE Daniel Balavoine
Song lyric Le chanteur LE CHANTEUR Daniel Balavoine
Song lyric Sos d'un terrien en détresse SOS D'UN TERRIEN EN DÉTRESSE Daniel Balavoine
Song lyric Tous les cris les s.o.s. TOUS LES CRIS LES S.O.S. Daniel Balavoine