Dark Angel

There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Dark Angel was a thrash metal band from Los Angeles. Their over-the-top style (extremely fast, heavy and lengthy songs with lots of tempo changes, lyrics and extended instrumental parts) earned them the nickname "the L.A. Caffeine Machine" and the motto "too fast, my ass". Drummer Gene Hoglan is considered to be among the best underground metal drummers in the world.

They released 4 demos until their debut full-length LP "We Have Arrived" was released in 1984. In 1986, Dark Angel released their seminal album, "Darkness Descends", which, along with records such as Metallica's "Master of Puppets", Slayer's "Reign in Blood", Megadeth's "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?", Metal Church's "The Dark" and Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill", arguably made 1986 the peak of thrash metal. At this time Dave Mustaine asked Eric Meyer to join Megadeth, but he declined in order to stay in Dark Angel.

Two more studio albums followed, "Leave Scars" (1989) and "Time Does Not Heal" (1991), showing increasingly progressive song structures (the latter album famously containing 246 riffs) and Hoglan's lyrics dealing with (especially for thrash metal) serious subject matter, often concerning psychological issues and traumas.

After breaking up in 1992, Dark Angel briefly re-united in 2002. However, Ron Rinehart's injury forced them to cancel plans to tour and the band is on hold. Rinehart also formed the band Oil in 1997 after converting to Christianity.

2) Dark Angel is a moniker of the production team composed of Vince Mc Clean and Thomas Colon from New York City that are best known for their EPs Late and A Little Something released on Kult Records.

3) RiQueY aka DarKAnGeL, birth name Ricardo Bingham was born in Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, May 20, 1984 from the mother of Cynthia "Coolie" Lowe. He now dwell in the Bronx, New York. DarkAnGel aka RiQueY found him self Both DeeJaying and Singing at the age of 10 along with other friends. DarKAnGeL is a very diverse artiste, found himself as a dejay in the 90's into 2000, but DarkAnGeL is really a SingJay. He sings like a bird and dejay as smooth as can be. DarkAngel is a singJay who express him self and not afraid to take it to the crowd.

RiQueY performed on many shows in Montego Bay, included Pier One, His own college, Montego Bay Community College where he perform live with Chris Martin and G Whizz. Ricardo as a teenage was doing his thing in high school and other events venue. DarkAngel aka RiQuey at a very young age didn’t take the music seriously until he was about 15 years old where he started writing lots of music, Reggae and dance hall music was his favorite.

He is now an alumni at the Monroe College Institution, in New York where he attained his Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. He started Recording and performing in the USA and now ready to push his music career to the highest...

DarkAnGel is available for collaborations and dub plates.. He is Still seeking a record company or personnel to manage his music to perfection.

Song lyric No One Answers NO ONE ANSWERS Dark Angel
Song lyric Immigrant Song IMMIGRANT SONG Dark Angel
Song lyric Leave Scars LEAVE SCARS Dark Angel
Song lyric Never To Rise Again NEVER TO RISE AGAIN Dark Angel
Song lyric Older Than Time Itself OLDER THAN TIME ITSELF Dark Angel
Song lyric The Burning of Sodom THE BURNING OF SODOM Dark Angel
Song lyric The Death Of Innocence THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE Dark Angel
Song lyric The Promise Of Agony THE PROMISE OF AGONY Dark Angel