Hendarso, better known as Darso is a Sundanese singer born in Bandung, Indonesia on August 12, 1945.

In the early 1960s, Darso started his career by joining “Nada Karya Band” together with Lilis Suryani and Tetty Kadi. They were playing pure pop song, instead of playing ethnic song. During this difficult and unstable political situation, his musical activity almost come to a dead end.

Back in a few years, Darso rose to prominence for pioneering Calung Sunda with pop touch and catchy sound.
Actually, there was a man behind his success, his brother Uko Hendarto is might be the great architects of this genre, he created the powerful new sound and provocative performance style that would forever expand the definition of "Pop Sunda" or "Calung Sunda".

In 2005 Darso achieved "Anugerah Jabar Music Award" and "Anugerah Budaya Kota Bandung" in 2009.
But among his dignity and nobility, he always keep himself as a Sundanese modest guy .
And yes he is the living legend of Calung Sunda.

In 12 September 2011, Darso died because of heart attack. His body was taken from the hospital to his family home in the Village of Cibisoro, Gandasoli, Katapang, Regency of Bandung, Indonesia.

As a result he is known as "The Phenomenon”, because of his dedication and contribution in over 4 decades throughout an extraordinary career, Darso has made big contributions to the new wave movement of Pop Sunda culture especially Calung Sunda. And of course he is well known as “Michael Darso”, because of his eccentric styles which look alike Michael Jackson.

Song lyric Cinta Urang Duaan CINTA URANG DUAAN Darso
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Song lyric Dulang Kuring DULANG KURING Darso
Song lyric Dulang Kuring 2 DULANG KURING 2 Darso
Song lyric Halangan Diri HALANGAN DIRI Darso
Song lyric Ih Kangen IH KANGEN Darso
Song lyric Kahayang Keukeuh KAHAYANG KEUKEUH Darso
Song lyric Rika Rafika Bangbung Hideung RIKA RAFIKA BANGBUNG HIDEUNG Darso