Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter (born June 20, 1978). There are strong elements of soul and R&B in Dave's new material, indicative of the diverse influences exerted on him during his childhood in the deep south.

Here is some background information on Dave Barnes from the Mine To Love Songfacts: Barnes gained a lot of recognition after his song "God Gave Me You" became a hit single for Blake Shelton. Barnes' fifth album, Stories To Tell was his first release since his breakthrough. The album was recorded in Los Angeles with producer John Fields, marking the first time Barnes had recorded outside of his home town Nashville. It was released on March 13, 2012.

Song lyric Crazyboutya CRAZYBOUTYA Dave Barnes
Song lyric God Gave Me You GOD GAVE ME YOU Dave Barnes
Song lyric Grace's Amazing Hands GRACE'S AMAZING HANDS Dave Barnes
Song lyric Nothing Fancy NOTHING FANCY Dave Barnes
Song lyric On a Night Like This ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS Dave Barnes
Song lyric The Inbetween THE INBETWEEN Dave Barnes
Song lyric Until You UNTIL YOU Dave Barnes
Song lyric What Am I Gonna Do WHAT AM I GONNA DO Dave Barnes
Song lyric Your Love Will Never Change YOUR LOVE WILL NEVER CHANGE Dave Barnes