DEBU fuses East and West, traditional and contemporary, acoustic and electric to create a unique sound. Their message of love and peace is not new; to them it's the essence of Islam, the Sufi way. They have become increasingly well known over the last four years throughout Indonesia with many concert appearances on the islands of Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatera and Lombok as well as countless TV appearances. During this period they have released three albums with songs mainly in Indonesian, but there are also songs in Arabic and English.

Song lyric Nyawa dan Cinta NYAWA DAN CINTA Debu
Song lyric Cinta Saja CINTA SAJA Debu
Song lyric Macan Hutan MACAN HUTAN Debu
Song lyric Mazhab Cinta (The Path of Love) MAZHAB CINTA (THE PATH OF LOVE) Debu