Doru and George began work on their project in the winter of 2006. Spending so much time in the studio working with other artists, began to come to form their own ideas and take project that materialized after years in which the two were involved in various musical collaborations. On stage, George is responsible for the mixing. Doru complete artistic act with his voice, one of the best male voices in Romanian musical landscape.
After two years of work, George and Doru with Universal Music Romania presents "Deepcentral", the newest dance band from Romania!
"The project was made Deepcentral exactly how I felt new contracts without thinking, without pressure from anyone. I used both the manufacturer to have a word to say in terms of final product. I had the pleasant surprise Universal Music Romania encourage us to be ourselves, not try to change something, "said George.

"The fact that we signed with Universal Music Romania is our most important step of his career. For the first time truly feel supported in what we do" complete Doru.

Charts in Romania are dominated dance pieces, which makes our decision to get involved in the project Deepcentral be an easy to understand.
Not only very suitable for radio music made us want this project to us, but how we managed to communicate from the start with Doru and George.
The collaboration started naturally, creativity, intelligence and common sense are qualities that have brought the two with ease Universal Music Romania team.
"I wish that the success that we anticipate will not change people Deepcentral Doru and George is a pleasure to work" says John Fesnic, CEO of Universal Music Romania.

A current sound, a trendy look with great personality and voice are just some of the elements that ensure project success since its debut Deepcentral!

Be prepared for "The Next Big Thing" Deepcentral were on the scene!

Song lyric Dependent DEPENDENT Deepcentral
Song lyric Hey Girl (Dreaming of Moscow) HEY GIRL (DREAMING OF MOSCOW) Deepcentral
Song lyric Russian Girl RUSSIAN GIRL Deepcentral
Song lyric Speed of Sound SPEED OF SOUND Deepcentral
Song lyric Sus Pana La Cer SUS PANA LA CER Deepcentral