There are two artists named Delon.

1. Indonesian Idol first runner up, Delon Thamrin.

2. DeLon is an International Recording Artist, American born, Sri Lankan bred...yet raised in both worlds. In today’s cultural landscape of global adversity, DeLon’s music resonates, motivating people to join the “Feel Good Music Movement." DeLon is magnetic with a sound that is fresh yet edgy, upbeat and charismatic. DeLon’s musical core is Hip Hop yet he embraces the influences of R&B, Pop, Trance and House. His fluency in Spanish and love of Latin culture balances his International sound. DeLon’s movement is far larger than music. His world views inspire and unite people across the globe to stand up for their beliefs, and enjoy life one beat at a time. DeLon spent two years completing his first album The Connection which yielded him “Calor De La Salsa” in 2005, a fusion of Salsa and Hip Hop that landed DeLon at 22 on the Billboard charts (Top 50 Hip Hop/R&B Singles). DeLon subsequently garnered a unique title “First Sri Lankan on the US Billboard Charts!” Then Billboard got addictive, so he did it again. 2007’s Unstoppable charted with the single, “Nasty Girl,” at 36 (Top 50 Hip Hop/R&B Singles) and the accolades kept coming; he was awarded “Best Rap Performance” at the 2008 South Asian Derana Music Video Awards (equivalent to MTV’s Video Music Awards). Now, DeLon has focused his energy on “The Feel Good Music Movement.” A movement that inspires others to do, feel, and say what makes them “Feel Good.” This movement has created high anticipation as DeLon preps his third studio album Blueprint To A Revolution. DeLon’s success is the result of daily efforts at his full-service independent record label Ceylon Records.

The Controversy
The core of Hip Hop is “The Battle.” But how many battles have you seen about TERRORISM? On July 28, 2008 DeLon used his music to not only shed light on the inhumane terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka but also MIA’s sympathetic views on terrorism by doing the “Paper Planes DeLon Remix.” DeLon posted a remixed version of M.I.A’s song “Paper Planes” on YouTube, exposing her sympathetic views towards the terrorist group The LTTE. Within 12 hours, the video drew over 100,000 user views & comments (2 million to date). Then the story hit the web, and the online front pages of BBC Entertainment, Billboard, & E! Online. The next day, July 29, 2008 DeLon was the most searched word on Google. Shortly following release Interscope/Universal Music Group, had the video removed from YouTube. MIA to date has denounced her affiliation with terrorist group, The LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers. An anonymous Sri Lankan in Canada stated “No one has ever stood up against terrorism, WE LOVE DeLon!” The people agreed and the video made DeLon a Sri Lankan National hero.

The Mission
DeLon, after surviving the 2004 Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka, co-founded the Sri Lanka Foundation which has donated thousands of dollars to build homes, buy soldiers necessary supplies and aid in the battle against nationwide poverty. It’s 2009, the journey has been long, the struggles have been great and the rewards have been gratifying, but there’s more. The new album Blueprint To A Revolution will be released in the Fall of 09. DeLon is pioneering a movement, “The Feel Good Music Movement.” How to join is simple, listen to the music, then ask yourself, do you feel good?


The Second artist named DeLon is a Chinese-Indonesian singer and runner-up in the hit reality series Indonesian Idol. Delon, the youngest of three boys, grew up in a neighborhood of Mangga Besar, a highly-populated district in Jakarta which is identified primarily with commerce and trading activities and not with art, with the exception of night shows at some hotels.

Prior to Indonesian Idol, Delon never had formal music training. His first encounter with music was when he joined a choir in his parish, the St. Petrus and Paulus Church. Delon's classical tenor voice made him one of leading soloists of this choir.

His participation in the Indonesian Idol became a controversy, as he split the Indonesian public into two groups, those who loved him and those who disliked him. In fact, it was thought that he would win with sympathy votes after one of the judges behaved towards him in a manner similar to that of Simon Cowell, when the judge apparently told Delon that the reason he was in the competition was because of his looks. Delon said that the remark hurt him very much and caused him to become depressed. But Indonesians saw that he tried to give a sincere smile to answer this comment and that he tried to improve his performance thereafter. This controversy made him even more famous, causing him to become a singing heart-throb, especially among teenage girls. His loyal fans are called "Deloners," and they have even developed a club which consists of Delon’s fans from all over Indonesia.

Song lyric The Prayer THE PRAYER Delon
Song lyric Terbalik TERBALIK Delon
Song lyric Widuri WIDURI Delon
Song lyric Merindumu MERINDUMU Delon
Song lyric Karena Cinta KARENA CINTA Delon
Song lyric Aku Jatuh Cinta AKU JATUH CINTA Delon
Song lyric Dunia Tanpa Lagu DUNIA TANPA LAGU Delon
Song lyric Aku Ingin AKU INGIN Delon
Song lyric Aku Patah Hati AKU PATAH HATI Delon
Song lyric Bahagiaku BAHAGIAKU Delon
Song lyric Untuk Cinta UNTUK CINTA Delon
Song lyric Perasaanku PERASAANKU Delon
Song lyric Adinda ADINDA Delon
Song lyric Aku Masih Cinta AKU MASIH CINTA Delon
Song lyric Seumpama SEUMPAMA Delon
Song lyric Cinta Tanpamu CINTA TANPAMU Delon
Song lyric Kau Sangat Berarti KAU SANGAT BERARTI Delon
Song lyric Memilikimu MEMILIKIMU Delon
Song lyric Dia Mengerti DIA MENGERTI Delon
Song lyric Ekspresi EKSPRESI Delon
Song lyric Hati Berganti HATI BERGANTI Delon
Song lyric Misteri Illahi MISTERI ILLAHI Delon
Song lyric Aku Masih Cinta (Feat. Andre Hehanussa) AKU MASIH CINTA (FEAT. ANDRE HEHANUSSA) Delon
Song lyric Biru BIRU Delon
Song lyric Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi CINTA JANGAN KAU PERGI Delon
Song lyric Dunia tanpa lagu (soundtrackvers DUNIA TANPA LAGU (SOUNDTRACKVERS Delon
Song lyric Hanya Dirimu HANYA DIRIMU Delon
Song lyric Indah Pada Waktunya INDAH PADA WAKTUNYA Delon
Song lyric Indah Pada Waktunya (feat. Irene Rejoice) INDAH PADA WAKTUNYA (FEAT. IRENE REJOICE) Delon
Song lyric Jangan Takut Bermimpi JANGAN TAKUT BERMIMPI Delon
Song lyric Kokoronotomo KOKORONOTOMO Delon
Song lyric Kokoronotomo (Feat. Mayumi Itsuwa) KOKORONOTOMO (FEAT. MAYUMI ITSUWA) Delon
Song lyric Ku Kecewa KU KECEWA Delon
Song lyric Misteri Ilahi MISTERI ILAHI Delon
Song lyric Negeri di Awan NEGERI DI AWAN Delon
Song lyric Serahkanlah Bebanmu SERAHKANLAH BEBANMU Delon
Song lyric Terjaga di Setiap Mimpiku TERJAGA DI SETIAP MIMPIKU Delon
Song lyric Wonder Woman WONDER WOMAN Delon