The international music industry encountered a new force to reckon with going under the name of Delyno, Dj producer and composer from Romania.

Fascinated by music since childhood, Delyno was taught by his parents to listen to the music surrounding him: there's no noise, just music searching for harmony.

Delyno was inspired by this idea and as years passed he created a new musical universe where melodic and innovative ideas are the basis of every new song released attracting hundreds of people to listen to details that enchant and mesmerize. Working with details and making it look like fun combined with his altruistic love for music, he reaches the souls of people all across the world receiving worldwide recognition and attention.

Undertaking piano classes in Venice, Sound Engineering and Dance Music Production classes in Milano, Delyno was the author of several non-commercial musical projects obtaining the hard achieved respect of his fellow colleagues in the musical industry.

Because he collaborated with several heavy names in the Romanian music industry, but also with several from the international music industry, the realisation of how much he could sculpt and mold his raw talent was the catalyst that made Delyno decided to pour his entire determination and talent in "Ether Party", his personal masterpiece, as he at some point affirmed. The song became an international hit shortly after release, landing him leading positions in radio tops all around the world and becoming a favourite song of clubs worldwide. It also put the new composer in the spotlight and of course, Delyno didn't disappoint, his next hit "I Have the World" created for Park Place, shook the world once again.

Although invited as Dj for many known clubs and parties across Europe, which he attends and turns into unforgettable events, Delyno promises to continue enchant us, a future hit already being on the roll.

Song lyric Don't Wanna Miss You DON'T WANNA MISS YOU Delyno
Song lyric Private Love PRIVATE LOVE Delyno