DEOXIDE born in late 2006 in Bandung, Indonesia. the first time we were only playing with 4 people, they are Bisma (guitar, vocals), Adis (bass, vocals), aghnat (guitar), belix (drums). we are fit for this position for several months. time did not think of making our own songs, we still play songs other bands like linkin park, green day, and Sum41.
time to time, we think we need to create your own songs to tell people how we feel, what we hear and what we see in the form of song. so we finally made our first song.

but after aghnat resigned and we had to find someone to fill his position. in the same year, we find brian and tony. after we shared together and comfortable with it, we agreed with them. after that we change the genre to "screamo / EXPERIMENTAL" till now. "DEOXIDE" and we chose the name for the band from the accident that befell us.

with an incident that is not measurable, belix (drums), Tony (bass), Adis (guitar) and Bisma (vocals) had to resign from the band due to internal problems.
we now present the new formation and filled by fresh with Brian (guitar), Wendo (bass), Shony (guitar) and Kevint (drums).

We've released an EP, entitled "Half Of Fatamorgana" with a single song "Fatamorgana". EP was much in demand by music lovers in Indonesia. We now been expanded to other cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Malang, Jogja, Surabaya, Makasar and other cities in Indonesia.

We had a lot of fans in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. fan page facebook, twitter and other online media it we have over 20 000 people.

we hope, we can go international and to promote indie music.