There are more than one band named Dewa:

1.) Dewa, formerly known as Dewa 19 before change name in 2000, is a band comprised of some of the most talented musicians from Jakarta, Indonesia. Its members consists of Ahmad Dhani [Keyboard, Vocal], Elfonda "Once" Mekel [2nd Vocal, Drums, Guitar], Tyo Nugros [Drums], Andra Junaidi [Guitar] and Yuke Sampurna [Bass]. Their songs are mostly related to love, God, human interaction, life, and philosophy. They currently have 8 studio albums, and their latest release is entitled "Republik Cinta" (The Republic of Love).

2) DEWA is a Manchester (UK) based indie band formed by Dewa Suwija who was born in BALI (Indonesia). "I had heard about the Manchester music scene, you know Happy Mondays, Simply Red and The Stone Roses and thought "I gotta get involved in this." Dewa moved to the United Kingdom in 1988, and has lived there ever since.

In 2001, DEWA produced the LP With or without you. It was recorded at Revolution studios, renowned for hosting such bands as "The Who." With or without you was then mixed and mastered at famous ABBEY Road Studio, London. DEWA becoming, the second artist to showcase their music at ABBEY Road Studio, after Sheryl Crowe.

In 2003, DEWA released an album entitled Alligator, managing to gain recognition of their work in the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Sapporo. Dewa returned to Bali in 2005, to promote the Balinese album De Mejudi which in English means "stop gambling."

The Balinese government then approached Dewa to work closely on a campaign to stop gambling -- Using the song as an anthem for change. In 2007, 'DEWA' released the critically acclaimed Time is Master -- The sound of Indie alternative which fuses rock, blues, jazz and reggae vibes with dark club beat.

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Song lyric Pupus PUPUS Dewa
Song lyric Aku Tetaplah Aku AKU TETAPLAH AKU Dewa
Song lyric Dua Sedjoli DUA SEDJOLI Dewa
Song lyric Dua Sejoli DUA SEJOLI Dewa
Song lyric Sayap SAYAP Dewa