DJ Layla

Natalia Ostasina known as Dj Layla was born on July 11, 1987 in Chisinau city. She spent a big part of her childhood in Ukraine. In 2005, after she graduated highschool, she entered the university of law from State University in Moldova Republic.

During her first years spent in the university the beautiful blonde succeeds to transform her passion for music in something real, so in 2007 she started to mix with the help and support of those from “Sunset People” and specially with the help of Dj Maxwell Sunbeat & Dj Kristina Vixen in Red Club.

Natalia combines perfectly her two passions completely different – the law and music – being dedicated entirely to them and she started to get involved in many projects for the best clubs from Ukraine and Moldova.

The year 2007 represented for Natalia the start of a collaboration, which proves to be successful with another 2 girls djs. The project succeed to reach vast proportions in short time, the girls being requested in all clubs thanks to their talent and their passion for music. ‘’Ladies on fire” represented the only project in which the 3 girls djs were involved, one of them was Dj Layla.

Then followed a year full of concerts and parties, so the results of their constant work started to appear. At the beginning of the 2008, Dj Layla together with another Dj from “Ladies on fire” project were invited by one of the managers of “Evolution Party” festival to participate in the opening of the festival with another global famous artists like Yves Larock (Jaba), Fragma, Lexter, Michelle Shellers.
During 2007-2008, Dj Layla sign her contribution on projects like „Deep Love”, „Ladies on fire”, „2×4”, „Mixtura tour”, „Vibrations”.

October 2008 marks the start of her collaboration with a producer team from Romania for her first album. At the producers proposal, Dj Layla recorded her first song, “Single Lady” in collaboration with a young singer, Alyssa. The song is released in the end of 2008 and conquered in a short time the most important tops from the most important radio stations from Romania and Moldova.
In January 2009, Dj Layla signs a contract with one of the best record labels from Romania, becoming an artist of Cat Music.

Translated from Romanian into English from Dj Layla’s blog.

Song lyric City of Sleeping Hearts CITY OF SLEEPING HEARTS DJ Layla
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