Dj Sava

1973–2004: Early life
Constantin Sava was born 3 April 1973 in Buzău, Romania and he began showing interest in music as a child. He started DJing professionally in the early 1990s and eventually worked as a resident DJ for ten years in a local club called No Limit; subsequently Sava went on a small promotional tour of Romanian seaside clubs. His musical activity intensified between 2000 and 2004, when he was given the opportunity to mix music in one of largest clubs in Costineşti.
2005–2008: Career beginnings
Throughout 2005 DJ Sava recorded with Elena Pavel, a teenage Romanian singer. Initially, they made a couple of demo tracks. Shortly afterward, they released a single called "Gone Away", which subsequently helped Sava in signing a small record deal. The following year, Sava was searching for another female singer with whom to record his songs. His second single, which bears the name "Remember", features the voice of Dana Nicula, making her singing debu. The related promotional campaign consisted of a music video.
DJ Sava's debut album, Love Drops, was released in Romania in late 2007. Compiled under the auspices of Cat Music, the record contains the two singles promoted before, but also some new tracks with vocals provided by Connect-R. The album, whose cover was made by Vali Bărbulescu, also contains a series of remixes made by the artist himself. Simultaneously, Sava began promoting a new single called "Sunshine". A collaboration with Connect-R, the song was incorporated in a music video shot in Moldova. The record met favorable reactions from the public and gained high ranks in the Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek and Italian charts. The two artists continued their collaboration in 2008, when a new song called "The Reason" was released and received a video directed by Botea.
2009–2010: Recent activity
Since the spring of 2009, Sava has been collaborating with the Romanian electronic music singer Raluka in order to record some new tracks. Their single "September" has received favorable reactions from both the public and press. In the wake of this success, the two continued their collaboration and after "a few days of producing" a new song was released in Romania. Called "I Like (The Trumpet)", the record was compiled in the studio Rappin On, owned by singer Connect-R, who also recorded some background vocals on the song; the track dominated the charts in Romania, topping the national chart for eleven consecutive editions in 2010. During the same year, DJ Sava continued his promotional campaign in Romania, supporting a series of concerts in some of the best known clubs; simultaneously, the musician opened a concert for Tiësto in Chişinău. In late 2010 DJ Sava released a new single in collaboration with Raluka and Connect-R, called "Love You". The track received positive reviews upon its release and peaked at number six in the Romanian Radio Airplay Chart.

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