Donita (born Noni Annisa Ramadhani on February 14, 1989 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia) is an Indonesian actress, model and singer.

Donita debuted in 2008 through FTV Dewa Asmara . She rose to fame through her role as Mozza in soap opera, Cinta Fitri (Fitri's Love). She also acted in a horror film, Suster Ngesot. As a model, she has modeled in several advertising products such as Zinc Shampoo, Tessa, Indosat, and the Ramayana.

In 2009, she released her debut album, "Tanpa Cintamu Lagi" (Without Your Love Anymore). She started singing after joining a celebrity show, "Super Mama", aired by Indosiar in 2008, in which celebritities were paired up with their mothers and performed on stage. She was eliminated in the semi-final.

Song lyric Menanti Sebuah Jawaban MENANTI SEBUAH JAWABAN Donita
Song lyric Hambar HAMBAR Donita
Song lyric Bukan Cinta Sempurna BUKAN CINTA SEMPURNA Donita
Song lyric Saat Kau Ada SAAT KAU ADA Donita
Song lyric Jangan Pernah JANGAN PERNAH Donita
Song lyric Satu Cerita SATU CERITA Donita
Song lyric Apalah Artinya APALAH ARTINYA Donita
Song lyric Tak Seperti Dirimu TAK SEPERTI DIRIMU Donita
Song lyric Tanpa Cintamu Lagi TANPA CINTAMU LAGI Donita
Song lyric Kesucian Cinta (OST Kesucian Cinta) KESUCIAN CINTA (OST KESUCIAN CINTA) Donita
Song lyric Memang Beda (feat. Melly) MEMANG BEDA (FEAT. MELLY) Donita
Song lyric Perawan (Aku Kecewa) PERAWAN (AKU KECEWA) Donita