doogie white

Doogie White (born March 7, 1960[1], Motherwell), is a Scottish rock vocalist, who has sung for Sack Trick, Midnight Blue, Praying Mantis, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Cornerstone.

Dougie formed La Paz in 1984, playing around Scotland for four years, before in 1988 joining melodic rock combo Midnight Blue, cutting one eponymous LP of AOR (released on Zero records exclusively in Japan.)

A trip to Japan in 1991 singing with Praying Mantis in a NWOBHM revival tour followed.

After a demo tape was forwarded to Ritchie’s management a few years earlier White was asked to audition for Rainbow, subsequently joining the band in 1994. He had also auditioned for metal band Pink Cream 69 and Iron Maiden, only losing out to Wolfsbane’s Blaze Bayley.

Just before the Rainbow job Dougie had been busy laying down tracks with Cozy Powell and Neil Murray for a solo Powell project.

After Rainbow folded Dougie worked with former Midnight Blue guitarist Alex Dickson with a view to securing a solo deal. Dougie was also heard singing on recent ‘Action Man’ toy adverts!

Sessions on several tribute releases were next, the Whitesnake tribute ‘Snakebites’, and several tracks included on ‘666-Number of the Beast’ a two-volume tribute to Iron Maiden out on Deadline. Dougie also guested on Nikolo Kotzev’s conceptual ‘Nostradamus’ 2001 release.

A contribution to Royal Hunt bassist Steen Morgensen’s excellent solo project ‘Arrival’ (under the moniker Cornerstone) was released in late 2000. A further series of albums were produced this time with Dougie’s creative input.

Dougie also joined Yngwie Malmsteen's band, touring through South America in late 2001, while 'Attack' -released in late 2002- was Dougie's first studio effort with the Swede.

‘Once Upon Our Yesterdays’ was the next Cornerstone album, and a set of dates for the band across Europe marked their live debut.

Doogie has recently fronted another Malmsteen opus, and put together a part-time band with Mostly Autumn personnel monikered White Noise. A DVD from their support stint in the UK with Uriah Heep features a live airing of ‘Tarot Woman’ as well as other Rainbow tracks.

In 2007, the fourth Cornerstone album, ‘Two Tales Of One Tomorrow’ was released. Later the same year, Doogie replaced Tony Martin as the frontman of the German band Empire. Empire released their fourth album ‘Chasing Shadows’ in November, with Doogie handling all vocal duties.

On 26 February 2008, Doogie announced on his website that he would no longer be a member of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force.

On 20 December 2008, Doogie was announced to be the new singer for NWOBHM band Tank.

In 2009, Doogie is performing with La Paz again, as well as Tank. He has also recorded the vocals for an English version of the latest album by Argentinian rockers Rata Blanca.

Doogie continues to work on a solo album.